A World Without Creativity?

I’m deeply concerned, disappointed and angered by recent news coverage discussing Government proposals to exclude Arts subjects from the UK education system for the under 16s. Apparently the revised structure/performance measures will exclude Art, Design, Music and Drama. WHAT???!!!!! This is ludicrous!! Admittedly this is a biased point of view because I consider myself a ‘creative’ and I just so happen to be proud of the fact that I’m naturally artistic.

I can count on one hand the number of people I know who are naturally gifted in the realm of Art and Design. Surely we should be encouraging, embracing and promoting creative individuals and their industry? The world is an evolving entity that is occupied with individuals that simply cannot be pigeon-holed into purely ‘academic’ subjects. Expression; whether it’s via a canvas, a photograph, a dramatisation, an inspirational space or an emotive piece of music, is vital to the development of a multi-layered, thought provoking and three dimensional existence. We’re constantly surrounded by the achievements of gifted creative individuals on a daily basis; billboard advertisements, magazines, TV & Film, product design, popular music, architecture… and the list goes on.

We NEED the visual and emotional stimulus that the Arts and creative industry provides as functional, all-seeing and all-hearing individuals. Never mind the positive and therapeutic influence of Art and Design; for both the creator and recipient, which has been well documented and researched.

Academic subjects are important; there’s no denying that but the world isn’t just made up of numbers, equations, words and algorithms. It includes individuals that communicate using a completely different set of rules; why should they be silenced?

This post is void of any creative element.  Intentionally.


  1. purplepr says:

    A passionate piece. As someone who isn’t a creative – I wish I could draw but alas it isn’t for me and no matter how many times I attempt to “get” musical chords, it just won’t work – I think removing Arts programmes from the education system of under 16s is a totally awful idea. You don’t have to be able to paint like Picasso or play like Bach to appreciate music, art, drama etc… and those subjects really can and do help in developing the minds and talents of young people, even if they are not particularly naturally gifted. If there’s a petition floating around anywhere to stop this from happening you can bet my name will be on it, stick-figure included.


  2. anitadesignstudio says:

    Exactly; you don’t have to be a creative to participate or even reap the benefits of the creative industry. Heck, we’re surrounded by it so much that we take it all for granted! It’s immersed in every aspect of our lives. I really cannot believe that some ‘paper pusher’ thinks this is a good idea 😦


  3. Lorraine says:

    Well said Ms Brown; I couldnt have but it better myself. It makes me scared that the future of our children is being mapped out for them and is totally out of their control and that they will have no say in their education etc!!


  4. anitadesignstudio says:

    Thanks Lorraine. I was raging when I read that article! You’re indeed correct; who has the right to decide which subjects are more important than others?


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