Designers In The Spotlight – New Feature

I’m still fairly new to this whole ‘blogging’ thing and I’ve come to the conclusion that it can be a lonely little world sometimes. And whilst I love to talk about me and what I like, I think I need to branch out and talk about other people and designers a little more. Oh alright, yes I’m sick of talking about me all the time. Happy now?!

To kick off this new ‘enough about me, let’s talk about you’ feature I’ve decided to showcase some interiors of aspiring designers (i.e. my fellow NDA students). They may have a big ‘L’ plate stuck to their backs but they are by no means lacking in talent, creativity and knowledge when it comes to putting a great design scheme together.L Plate

Allow me to introduce you to Inge Bruins. The below images represent just a smidgen of her design savvy and ability to create an eclectic and vintage inspired scheme with subtle feminine undertones.

We all know that flowers inject a refreshing and uplifting quality to an interior but pair the flowers with a contrasting backdrop and you’ve got yourself an instant centrepiece.


Again, simple flowers are used in this area of the room but are grouped with accessories of varying heights and colours for added depth and visual interest. Their soft hues and delicate nature helps to create a soothing and feminine quality BUT the rustic wood contrasts with this perfectly, to ensure that a healthy balance is achieved.

Rustic and Delicate

Hearts, heels and handles, oh my!! More feminine undertones are witnessed with the whimsical hearts and (ankle breaking) heels but yet again are successfully combined with more rustic, vintage inspired offerings in the form of a crate and second hand suitcases. These suitcases SCREAM character. They SCREAM charm and they are absolutely delicious. ‘Can suitcases be delicious’? I hear you ask. Yes, they damn well can.

Florals and Vintage

And lastly, this homemade focal point (made by the hubby) takes centre stage in this room. I personally love this look. The structure itself adds height to the space and adds individuality with the inclusion of an over-sized clock.  And to ensure that it is allowed to stand to attention a subtle backdrop of blue has been used. Fantastic!!

Focal Point

A big thank you to Inge for allowing me to publish her photos and share them with my fellow bloggers (and readers).  I hope you enjoyed taking a sneaky peak of an interior of an aspiring designer!!

You can also check out Inge’s blog here.


  1. Linda Robinson says:

    Great Idea as all your hard work enables us poor mortals to be able to have a look at the designs by other students! Keep up the good work!



  2. anitadesignstudio says:

    Hi Linda, I’m glad you like my new feature! It was something that just popped into my head randomly…like most of my ideas!! 😉


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  2. […] If you like to see some more, please take a look at the post my colleague blogger wrote about our home: […]


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