Rotating 3D Cube – NO HTML – NO CSS – NO Java Script!

Who DOESN’T want a 3D rotating cube on their website, right?!

This cube was created and animated in SketchUp 2015 and was then transformed into a GIF.  If you don’t have SketchUp, fear not, a free version is available.  You can download it right here.

Click HERE to get access to the download link for the 3D cube project file and the accompanying tutorial, so that you can create YOUR OWN branded, rotating 3D cube for your website!
I will create your branded rotating cube FOR YOU!  The fee will be minimal (teeny, tiny).
Here’s another example of cool branding, using 3D software.  I have used my own logo and made the (previously static) 3D letter rotate.  Awesome, right?!

Rotating-Logo Small

Contact me to request your branded rotating 3D cube or 3D logo!
Remember, it doesn’t require HTML, CSS or Java Script.  AND it doesn’t need specific web browsers to function!


High Five

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P.S. If you’re experiencing any challenges when customising the 3D cube, drop a comment below or on the tutorial post and I’ll be sure to help you out!

AND if you have used my project file to create your own customised rotating cube, include a link in the comments section – I’d love to see it!


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