The Brief:

We were asked by an Events Consultancy, to produce a 3D visual, in the style of a watercolour illustration, to help communicate their vision for a marquee event to their client.  Our client wanted to accurately convey the actual design of the marquee, table layout, floral design and requested an evening setting.

The Solution:

We requested all the necessary information, for example, floor plans and reference images to assist in the construction of the 3D model and styling of the event, with particular emphasis on table decoration, floral arrangements, lighting and the structure of the marquee.  We studied the structure of the marquee and draping details, to ensure that it was accurately depicted in the final 3D visual and included the external environment (trees and sky) to add context to the final 3D visual.  We also included the various lighting elements to ensure that the atmospheric qualities of this event were accurately portrayed, for example, ceiling lighting, candlelight and the illuminated trees outside the marquee.  The final 3D visual was produced in 3 working days, and was delivered within the timeframe specified.



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