We’ve undertaken a wide range of commissions, from the redesign of modest residential dwellings, to the design of events for high profile clients; the benefits listed below have been confirmed by our clients as a result of our customer feedback process.
Regardless of the Creative industry, the same benefits of using 3D Visualisation will apply.
Secure Commissions

Incorporating 3D  Visualisation into your design package, will increase your ability to secure commissions and/or win pitches.  Why? Because you’re providing your prospective client with a high level of reassurance of your ability to meet the project brief.  YOUR designs will be fully illustrated to your client using real world dimensions, materials and lighting.

Eliminate Miscommunication

Your client will be able to view YOUR designs and in the context of the space, exactly how you intended.

Reduce Error

Reduce the margin of error and the potential for costly mistakes BEFORE the design is implemented.

Client Engagement

3D Visualisation will increase client engagement and interest in your service, particularly for marketing/promotional activities.

Wow Factor

Including 3D Visualisation will give your business a competitive edge and ‘wow factor’


3D Visualisation will allow you to enhance your design portfolio by showcasing the full range of your creative ability to potential clients.

What do we bring to the table?

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