Anita Brown creates visually captivating photo-real images to help Creative Professionals accurately communicate their ideas to clients.

Anita Brown Profile

Anita’s natural flair for design and her versatile approach, has resulted in a unique 3D Visualisation service that caters to a wide range of creative disciplines.

Whether it’s Interior Design, Event Design or Wedding PlanningAnita Brown can transform your vision from concept to virtual reality using the latest in cutting-edge 3D technology; increasing your ability to secure commissions and allowing YOUR clients to view your designs exactly how you intended.  Anita’s 3D Visualisation service also includes portfolio enhancement giving creatives the opportunity to showcase their full potential.

If your project type differs from those above, email Anita to discuss further.

Learn about the benefits of 3D Visualisation, or read more about Anita’s 3D Visualisation process, or view her showreel here.

A selection of Anita’s photo-real images were showcased at Grand Designs Live in London and Image Interiors & Living Magazine.  Anita is a Maxwell Render Certified Xpert Trainer and she has also written a number of expert articles for 3D World Magazine.  As a STEM Ambassador, Anita is passionate about helping to raise awareness of STEM orientated careers among school children in Northern Ireland, with particular emphasis on increasing female uptake.

Anita maintains a regular blog that delves into a wide range of design related subjects; from exploring Graphic Design techniques to dissecting interior design trends (Anita has qualifications in Interior Design). By sharing her knowledge, discoveries and opinions on all things ‘Design’, Anita hopes to help inspire and enlighten others who share her passion for this glorious subject.

Anita is always interested in blogging collaborations, contact her if you have a great idea!

Anita is about to launch a brand spanking new SketchUp online learning platform and community for Interior Design professionals and students! Join Anita’s Facebook Group to stay updated on the launch (and receive Sneak Peeks of the course content), or register with the platform FOR FREE in advance of the launch, where you can also take a FREE SketchUp course!


On a personal note, Anita’s discovery of 3D Visualisation was an accidental one, that changed her life forever. Dramatic? Yes. Her desire to remain true to her passion and fulfill her potential (of becoming an international 3D sensation!), saw her make the brave decision to leave her uninspiring office job and set up her own 3D Visualisation business.  The rest, as they say, is history…

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