Tiered Service and Pricing Structure 3D Visualisation
Three Tier 3D Visualisation

We know that every project is unique, with varying budgets, time-frames and requirements. Which is why we have devised a Bronze, Silver and Gold system to ensure that our service meets the needs of our clients.

Please click here to view a sample 3D visual of each tier, including pricing.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost and what does this include?

The initial estimate is calculated depending on the size and complexity of the project and whether the client has opted for our Bronze, Silver or Gold tier.  However, we pride ourselves on offering an affordable, competitively priced 3D solution, whilst ensuring that the quality of our work is never compromised.

We never strive to meet client expectation, our goal is to exceed it.

For the construction of one 3D model/scene, you will receive one 3D image (additional images of the same 3D model are chargeable). We include one round of minor changes after we have presented you with a draft 3D image.  If there are additional minor changes, these will be chargeable.  All major changes are chargeable.

Our terms and conditions provide more information and they will be issued to you, once you have confirmed your intention to proceed with our service.

What is your turnaround time?

Again, this is very much dependent on the size and complexity of the project, especially if there are multiple 3D scenes to construct. Our availability is also a major consideration, if we are working on multiple projects.  For an average interior 3D model, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to have a photo-real 3D visual ready (Silver tier) in 3 working days.

However, if you have a project and are keen to use 3D Visualisation, it is supremely important that you notify us as soon as possible.  If you leave it too late to request our service, (especially if we are working on multiple commissions),  we may not be able to schedule your commission within your desired timeframe.

What information do you require and in what format?

Due to the versatile nature of our 3D Visualisation service, the information we require can vary.  However, as standard we need:

  • floor plans (they don’t need to be to scale, as long as dimensions have been annotated);
  • furniture layout (block diagrams will suffice);
  • images and/or website links of all the individual design elements, including fabric and finishes (website links are preferred as they usually include dimensions);
  • inspiration images to assist in conveying your vision, if applicable (particularly for events and weddings);
  • a variety of images detailing the interior of a venue (particularly for events and weddings).

From experience, email format works well, when sending us your information (you could also use Dropbox to forward all of your images). Depending on your project, we will advise you of all the necessary information that we need (we will also issue you with a cosmic checklist) and will keep you updated on progress.


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