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Event Design can encompass the planning of Charity Events, Corporate Functions, Awards Ceremonies, Product Launches and trade shows/exhibitions.

3D Visualisation plays an important role in the Event Design process.

Pitch Perfect

Present a seamless and professional pitch that ELIMINATES confusion and miscommunication between you and your client by using 3D Visualisation to present your final design concept.  You will also be providing your client (including partners and sponsors) with a high level of REASSURANCE that the final design will meet with his/her expectations, especially for a big budget event.

Competitive Edge

Stand out from the crowd!  SEAL THE DEAL by illustrating a high level of professionalism, competency and an innovative approach to event design by incorporating CUTTING EDGE 3D technology in YOUR design process.

Tailored Approach

Depending on your client’s stylistic preferences, we can produce a photo-real 3D image of your design proposal, a sketched effect or a whimsical watercolour.

Creativity Rules

3D Visualisation will allow you to convey your creative ideas without any restrictions and your client will be able to interpret your designs EXACTLY how you intended.

Putting it into Context

3D Visualisation allows you to convey your vision for an event but also within the context of the interior/venue.  This will help your client see the bigger picture and the overall visual aesthetics of your event design concept.

Real World Values

All of our photo-real 3D images depict real world lighting, materials and textures.  Your client will be left in no doubt, regarding your vision for their event.

New Pricing System for Weddings and Events Commissions, where the 3D model of the venue has already been constructed.  

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