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3D Visualisation is ideal for Wedding Planners who would like to offer something a little different when it comes to conveying their vision for a client’s wedding reception.

A presentation board depicting all of the styles, colours, floral, materials and themes for a client’s wedding has its limitations.  These visual tools still don’t convey HOW a client’s ACTUAL reception will look on the day.

And this is where 3D Visualisation can completely transform the service a Wedding Planner can offer.

The benefits of using 3D Visualisation for Wedding Planning

Secure Commissions

Incorporating photo-real 3D visuals into your design packages will increase your ability to secure commissions and win pitches.  Why? Because you’ll be providing your client with a high level of reassurance of your ability to meet the agreed client brief.

Accurate Communication

3D Visualisation eliminates miscommunication between you and your client.  YOUR client will be able to view YOUR designs exactly how you intended and within the context of the venue.  This is particularly useful for marquee and destination weddings, where it’s impossible, due to logistics or geography, for your client to truly understand your vision prior to the big day.

Reduce Errors

Photo-real images reduce the margin of error and the potential for costly mistakes, BEFORE the design is implemented.  You will have an opportunity to make revisions before it’s too late!  This is especially useful for Wedding Planners new to the industry, as 3D Visualisation provides an added element of reassurance and confidence in your design, before presentation to your client.


3D Visualisation will increase client engagement and interest in your service, particularly for marketing and promotional activities.

Competitive Edge

Offering your clients the possibility of viewing the finer details of their wedding design, will unquestionably give your business a competitive edge and wow factor.

Portfolio Enhancement

3D Visualisation will give you the opportunity to enhance your design portfolio, particularly if you are new to the industry, by showcasing the full range of your creative ability to prospective clients.  No more styled shoots!  3D Visualisation completely eliminates the need for this time-consuming and expensive method of building a portfolio.

New Pricing System for Weddings and Events Commissions, where the 3D model of the venue has already been constructed.  

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