The Brief:

Isabel Smith Wedding Design requested a watercolour illustration of her vision for the design of a wedding reception at Hedsor House, to include the architectural elements of the chosen room within the property.  As this was a winter wedding, Isabel requested falling snow in the visible areas of the garden backdrop.  She also wanted to encapsulate the romanticism of a wedding by using a soft watercolour effect for the final 3D image.  This watercolour illustration would be used to provide the Bride and Groom with an accurate depiction of how their wedding reception would look.

The Solution:

Having received the photographs of the chosen interior and sample images of floral, place settings, furniture layout and lighting, we constructed the 3D model to closely replicate the actual interior, to add context and a greater sense of realism to the final 3D image. Once all of the design elements of the wedding reception had been included, a photo-real image was exported into Photoshop, where it was transformed into a watercolour illustration.



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