The Brief:

We were approached by an Interior Designer, requesting a photo-real 3D visual of an open plan living, kitchen and dining space, of a prestigious development located in London.  The Interior Designer’s client was struggling to visualise how the final space would look, and required a photo-real 3D visual to approve the designs being proposed.  The Interior Designer would also be using the final image on her website, as part of her portfolio and for marketing purposes.  Therefore the premium, Gold Tier of our pricing structure was chosen.

The Solution:

Having received a floor plan, furniture layout and images of products being used in the design, we constructed the 3D model of the proposed scheme. A draft 3D image was forwarded to the Interior Designer for review, with suggestions for optimum angles to illustrate the design at its best, particularly as the final image would be used for marketing/promotion.  Certain aspects of the design were amended, prior to creating the final photo-real image.  The Interior Designer was thrilled with the standard produced and was satisfied that it accurately conveyed her vision for the space.



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