The Brief:

London based creative event agency, The Events Mill, required photo-real 3D images to accurately convey their design proposals for an event hosted by War Child UK.  It was imperative that the lighting, furniture layout and floral designs were accurately conveyed, whilst ensuring the architectural elements of the venue were captured (the Royal Horticultural Halls).

The Solution:

We constructed a 3D model of the venue, based on designs provided by The Events Mill, ensuring that key architectural elements were easily identifiable. After discussing the details of the design proposals for the event with The Events Mill, we ensured they were incorporated into the scene, with particular attention to detail, for a close-up 3D visual of the table decor.  The photo-real images also included various lighting techniques that underpinned the atmospheric qualities of the event design, as per the brief.  We produced two photo-real images of the event within the timeframe specified, and with no revisions requested.



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