The Brief:

A London based Wedding and Events Designer approached us to help visualise her design concepts for two different tent designs for the same private event.  The event was going to have a dining area in one tent and a dancing area in the other.  In addition to the specific tent designs, the client also wished to accurately convey, to her client, the lighting design, furniture choices, table settings and various party designs.  The client also requested that the final 3D visuals were presented as watercolour illustrations.

The Solution:

Our client had constructed a basic 3D model in SketchUp, which we further enhanced by adding the complex geometry of the tent structures, various textures, for example, emitting material and we also included a background image (trees and sky) to one of the 3D visuals to add a greater sense of realism to the final image.  Having received the necessary information and product/inspiration images, we constructed the necessary 3D models, rendered both scenes and then exported into Photoshop, to transform the 3D visuals into watercolour illustrations. The final 3D visuals were produced in 3 working days, and with no revisions requested.



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