My First Guest Post – Autumn Styling

I recently collaborated with fellow blogger, Emily May, where we worked together to create a fabulous Autumn inspired interior.  The starting point for this design was the colour palette I suggested in my previous post about Autumn styling.

I set about creating an interior that was evocative of Autumn, but used a very contemporary, urban design style.  I also wanted to achieve that polished, ‘interiors magazine look’ where they zoom in on a certain element of an interior for that all important ‘wow’ factor.

This is the final 3D visual; I hope you like it!

Autumn Inspired Interior 240715


  1. […] P.S If you’d like to see the above colour palette used in a photo-real image, then you’ll want to click here. […]


  2. […] The Angleposise makes another appearance, in addition to the vintage Edison bulbs.  But to create added warmth, I’ve included shots of orange, darker wood, metallic accents and a lush throw.  The darker hue on the wall adds unparalleled atmospheric qualities but is also an utterly exquisite backdrop for metallic accents.  Even though this room utilises urban/industrial design, it is inviting, cosy and very calming.  Read more about this design scheme here. […]


  3. […] used the above coffee table in a few different design schemes, but my Autumn inspired project undoubtedly allowed it to shine! […]


  4. […] and a 3D visual of an Autumn inspired interior: […]


  5. […]  I’ve spoken about the awesome talent of Jessica Zoob in a previous blog and I tried, I really, really tried not to include her awesomeness in this post, but as you can […]


  6. […] became aware of Jessica Zoob’s INSANE talent when I conducted a little bit of research for an Autumn inspired design scheme and stumbled upon a cushion imprinted with one of her original works of art (a collaboration with […]


  7. […] (sold by Romo Black Edition).  I’ve mentioned Jessica’s work in earlier posts (Autumn Inspired interior and again when I discussed her paintings) and couldn’t resist this particular […]


  8. […] Abigail completely transformed my viewpoint on a number of interior design principles. Particularly her stance on using darker hues.  I mean, when I realised just how cool and visionary her design ideologies were, I was inspired to create a few interiors of my own that incorporated her inky, ‘bottom of the lake’ hues.  Read more about this design here. […]


  9. […] I practice what I preach, let’s take a look at one of my previous designs: […]


  10. […] In my design below you can see that there’s a chair acting as a side table, with nothing on the opposite side.  I love this look.  Generally speaking, traditional arrangements expect conventional side tables either side of a sofa.  Not in this space!  And what’s even more awesome, is that it works! Super quirky and utterly cool without trying too hard! […]


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