Get the lowdown on my 3D Visualisation Secrets!

I’m all for collaborating with like minded industry professionals, ESPECIALLY when those professionals just so happen to be an academic establishment.

I will always be grateful to the National Design Academy (NDA) for helping me to open my eyes to the wonderful, astounding and utterly cosmic world of 3D Visualisation.  So when I was asked by the NDA if I’d be interested in writing a guest blog, I was like:

Happy Feet

The NDA has started a cool new guest blog feature, where an NDA graduate or current student will provide tips and insights into the awesome world of Interior Design.  And I had the pleasure of kicking off this new series.

I decided to share my top 5 tips when creating a realistic interior render, based on my knowledge and experience to date.


Then you need to click right here!

After some practice and hard work, there’s no reason why YOU can’t create inspiring 3D visuals just like this!

Autumn Inspired Interior BW

Design and 3D Visual by Anita Brown

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