Cushions are the secret weapon of interior design.  They are little pockets of greatness that not only enhance the overall visual aesthetic of a room but they can also do the following:

inject personality

add an element of individuality

help to underpin a design theme

can assist in pulling together a chosen colour palette (or act as a contrast)

 visually lift a design scheme with pattern and texture


Cushions by Jillian Rene Decor

For a simple decorative accessory that basically consists of two bits of square fabric sewn together, that’s pretty impressive.

But I’m biased.

You see, I have a weakness where cushions are concerned.

I flippin’ love them.

And I’ve lined up a few of my very own in celebration of this blog post.  Yep, it took a bit of coaxing but eventually they complied and after a bit of preening and plumping by yours truly, they posed up a storm for their very first group photo-shoot.

Aren’t they a sight to behold!

Cushions Interior Design

Say Cheeeeeeese!

These cushions range in price from £12 to £50, with each offering something different to a design scheme (colour, pattern, texture), including the ever popular trend of typography.  They’re pretty awesome, right?!  The cushion far left makes you want to indecently grope it (Dreamweavers), while the vintage inspired cushion far right, is a definite mood enhancer (BHS).  And for someone who is obsessed with the letter A and cushions, I couldn’t resist that cosmic cushion in the centre (M&S).

The possibilities where cushions are concerned is limitless AND their best selling point?  They can be easily replaced/updated if you decide to redecorate.  High five!

Let’s dissect an interior that illustrates the benefits of including cushions.  I spotted this interior in the latest issue of Image Interiors & Living Magazine, it is actually the work of fab Designer, Avril Wilson-Rankin, check out her website here.

Image Interiors & Living Magazine Cushions

Image Credit: Image Interiors & Living Magazine

Ok, both patterned cushions inject visual interest against a backdrop of an earthy, muted wall colour (including the sofa).  The geometric cushion picks out that gorgeous blue/grey paint colour on the wall (there’s a similar shade in among the kaleidoscope of hues), thereby adding a little bit of consistency.  However, the fact that the cushion also includes an eye-popping mix of split complementary colours, it helps to break up the use of grey tones in this area of the room and prevents it from looking too monochrome.  The cushion is then further coordinated with the abstract art (nude female) with the use of blue, muted red and white.  Again, providing consistency.  And let’s not forget that the geometric pattern alone provides retro undertones, adding a multi-dimensional quality to this contemporary interior.  Split Complementary Colour Scheme

The flock print cushion, whilst utilising a neutral background, picks out the green shade used on the quirky side table/drawers.  Which appears to have been used on the typographic piece of art on the wall.  I’m a big fan in general of the colour palette used in this space, however by repeating the green used on the side table, the homeowner has ensured that it isn’t too isolated from the rest of the space but still remains a focal point.

The cushions in the above design scheme are helping to reinforce the colour palette, one in particular introduces additional split complementary hues (geometric cushion) that visually lifts the entire design and both cushions ultimately help to create a cohesive interior design scheme.

I did say that cushions were the secret weapon of interior design…

Got a cushion you’re particularly besotted with?  Then join the party and send me a pic!  I want to create a blog post dedicated to all of YOUR fave cushions!

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  1. Thanks so much for including our pillows! We love cushions too!

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