SketchUp Tutorials for Interior Design

Throw out your scale ruler!

Stop using that complex CAD software!

And start using SketchUp to create your floor plans, furniture layouts, lighting plans and elevations quickly, accurately and professionally!

We’re on a mission to help Interior Design professionals and students, learn the fundamentals of SketchUp for the ultimate benefit of their business (and studies).


SketchUp is an amazingly intuitive and user-friendly interface, that will allow you to create floor plans and window treatment elevations (and print them to scale!), in a matter of minutes!


SketchUp Window Treatment Elevation, Transformed into a Watercolour Illustration

Our SketchUp online learning platform will show you, via HD and mobile responsive video tutorials, how to conquer SketchUp, so that you can improve your entire workflow and enhance client presentations by producing accurate floor plans, FAST!



Colour-coded Lighting Plan, Printed to Scale using SketchUp

We did our homework!

We were STUNNED that 60% of Interior Designers (and students) we surveyed, still create floor plans by hand!  No, just NO!

It’s simply inefficient and impractical, in today’s fast paced, digital world, to create floor plans by hand.  You know this, we know this and the teddy bear that sits on top of my chest of drawers, KNOWS this!

We’re going to show you lots of tips, tricks and efficient workflows, when it comes to SketchUp, that will completely transform your design processes AND the quality of your client presentations!


SketchUp Floor Plan, with Colour and Texture, enhanced using Photoshop

What You Need To Know

Seven Individual Courses (one is free)

Unlimited Access

Bundle Packages Available

Two Hours Email Support

Online Forum & Community

Isn’t it time you ditched the Scale Ruler and Conquered SketchUp in 2017?




  1. Ryan Rymer says:

    Hi Anita ,

    i’m Ryan Rymer we briefly chatted about certain things on the NDA Facebook group. Is there anyway you could upload a video on how to create floor plans on sketchup please?. Found these videos a great help and think that one would be too.


    Liked by 1 person

    • anitabrown3d says:

      Hi Ryan!

      Yes, I remember you! I’m glad you found the tutorials useful. Yes, I’ll produce a tutorial on how to create a floor plan using SketchUp! I’ll let you know when it’s been uploaded 🙂



  2. This is awesomeeee! the tutorial was very thorough and easy to understand which I like. more beginners 3d sketch up like a full living room or a kitchen

    Liked by 1 person

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