John Pawson Revisited – A Lesson in Lighting

I’ve engaged in debate with my fellow interior design students regarding the minimalist interiors/style of the acclaimed John Pawson and in particular the bathroom entitled ‘Pawson House 1994’.

Opinion was very divided as to the aesthetic appeal of this bathroom and its minimal, very simplified design. I had suggested that part of the reason why it appeared a little hostile and lacking in warmth was because of the harsh natural lighting combined with stone material, and that perhaps with artificial lighting, this space would probably appear much more inviting and less severe. There’s only one way to settle this debate and that’s to design a replica model via Google Sketchup and Maxwell Render. Yes, you know what’s coming next: keep scrolling down!

Pawson House Pre Anita Brown Rendering Wizardry

Pawson House 1994 Interior Design


Pawson House Post Rendering Wizardry

Case in point? That would be a resounding yes!


  1. Lorraine says:

    Definitely makes a difference with a bit of lighting thrown in doesn’t it; takes the harshness away, now I might consider a bubble bath in here with a nice glass of white wine; cheers!!


  2. I have to agree with you! It looked very unwelcoming with just the natural lighting, and its far far better with the sophisticated illumination you added 🙂 But what about during the day-time, when lights aren’t turned on? Personally I think a nice light coloured wook parquet floor would help 🙂 But thats just my opinion! I’m thinking of studying architecture in college, and then specialize into interior design or decoration, not sure yet. Would that be a good plan? Or is it better to just go straight into interior design? Thanks


  3. *I meant when the lights are turned off! sorry 🙂


    • anitadesignstudio says:

      Hi, thanks for your input. And I’m glad you agree with my addition of lighting in this particular scheme. In answer to your questions – architecture and interior design are quite different. If you wanted to study interior design you should study it and not architecture!


  4. Sarah Myall says:

    Hey Hey you ol genius you….Told you the render would help 🙂 How long did it take to answer your own argument? You could go one further and hide some uplighting along the back of the bath and the cast plinth level to the floor??


    • anitadesignstudio says:

      Haha!! Look who it is!! 🙂 An afternoon it took me in total! Fairly straightforward because most of that room is made up of boxes!! Uplighting would be nice but I think I’ve wasted enough time on that already!! Great idea though!! Well done you!!


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