Shelton, Mindel & Associates = Perfection

Never mind the impressive and wide-ranging portfolio that Shelton, Mindel & Associates’ design firm (NYC) boasts; their window displays are pretty mind blowing too.

When you strip back the pioneers of the creative and design industry you are left with individuals that embrace a certain level of escapism and the creative freedom to truly express themselves.

This window dressing that was designed by Shelton, Mindel & Associates for Barneys, NY is a good example. If you’re going to be all ‘arty’ about it; you could interpret this piece as perhaps illustrating the ever evolving world of design that is central to, and fully immersed in, the people around it. Or if you’re not going to be all ‘arty’ about it; you could just appreciate its high impact and presence as a window dressing!

Now, back to interiors. This is my favourite design scheme of this company (why doesn’t one of my uncles work here??  WHY??). Shelton, Mindel & Associates embrace a more Modernist approach to design where simplicity is key and materials in their raw state are allowed to shine. Firstly, the combination of grey, powder blue and shots of red is genius. I. Love. It. The colour palette of blue, grey and white is very cooling but is undoubtedly warmed up with the considered injections of red.

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