Lace? On Walls? Yes!

I’m conducting research and pondering a few initial design concepts for the 2nd module of my interior design Degree. This module is centred around space planning for a Grade II listed building that is located in the Lace Market of Nottingham.  This design concept is for an Office space, and the brief has stipulated that the design must consider the heritage of the building. I have considered the use of lace but in quite a low-key manner. It would be way too obvious to include lace furnishings, for example cushions and window treatments but a small portion of wall could easily accommodate a subtle ‘nod’ to the building’s location within the historic Lace Market.

So, I had to share the results of my investigation thus far. The following wallcoverings do not contain ‘real’ lace but my goodness they are still extremely effective at creating the illusion of lace.

This is without a doubt, my favourite.  It’s from Occa-Home and is called ‘Ribbon Damask Paper Lace’ (a wallpaper from the same range was also featured in Sex and the City 2) and is very dramatic, eye-catching and elegant. One word: beautiful.

A close second is a wallpaper by French company Elitis.  It’s more traditional detailing would probably lend itself to a residential interior as opposed to a commerical property – I can definitely see this in a bedroom.

I have also included a Vivienne Westwood design that is available at Fabrics and Papers. It is once again much more traditional in design and its less overall dramatic styling means it could be used in a range of residential/commercial spaces.  Although I have to admit, this design really doesn’t appeal to me.  Oops.

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