The Exquisite Pain of AutoCAD

I’ve had a number of dysfunctional relationships in my time but my relationship with AutoCAD is by far the most dysfunctional. I’ve had the pleasure and delight (serious use of sarcasm here) of devising Schematic plans for the current module of my Degree and in order to present them in a professional manner, I decided to use AutoCAD.

AutoCAD, in its brilliance, tends to lure its hopeful and ever optimistic user into a false sense of security and just when you think you’ve ‘cracked’ its somewhat complex interface (usually with overly dramatic whoops and cheers), you realise that it has fooled you yet again.

Once more, you are reduced to an emotional wreck; muttering the odd colourful expletive in an attempt to discover where you’ve gone wrong and how to resolve the problems you’re encountering…again, quite similar to my previous dysfunctional relationships with the opposite sex.

BUT thankfully that’s where the similarities end! Because with AutoCAD once you’ve investigated the problem area and considered the various solutions your relationship is right back on track.

I have to stress that my learning curve in respect of AutoCAD has been made so much more ‘steep’ considering that I’m self-taught. I’m assuming that if I attended a formal training course I possibly wouldn’t experience the frustrations and challenges that I currently encounter when using it.

However, even though AutoCAD and I have a fiery relationship I continue to be a devoted and loyal fan. It isn’t the design-world’s leading CAD software application for no reason. Its accuracy, compatibility with other CAD interfaces and efficiency impresses time and time again.

So, even though I’m sometimes reduced to diva tantrums and utter frustration…my heart still belongs to AutoCAD.


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