The Perils Of Being A Perfectionist

There are very few people who know me, who wouldn’t pass comment on how particular I can be when it comes to presentation. And when I say ‘presentation’ I’m not just referring to interiors. Preparation of food and the actual placement of food on a plate also falls within this category. The phrase ‘OCD’ has been thrown around sometimes. OK, so I like my food to look nicely presented on a plate.  Is that a crime?!

Anyway, in my last post I uploaded renders of various rooms for a design concept. But I wasn’t happy with some of them. A couple of those renders were a little noisy and I know exactly why.

WARNING: technical stuff coming up… look away now.

You see, when you use an unbiased rendering application like Maxwell Render you have to be fairly precise when it comes to detail and I cut a few corners. Naughty, I know. An unbiased application will very accurately replicate the conditions within a space as to how it would look in reality. The reason a number of the images were noisy is because I didn’t incorporate enough lighting sources. So, in my quest for perfection I went back to the ‘drawing board’ (pun intended) to right a few wrongs. Yes, it’s difficult being me.

In the reception area for example, the only source of light were the pendant lights. This is a fairly large space with minimal natural daylight and in reality there would most definitely be additional ceiling lights dotted around.

This is how the render looked originally (i.e. rubbish):

Reception Desk

This is how it looks now with additional lighting:

Reception Desk Final

Then we have the fantastic close-up of the iconic Tolix stools, as they appeared in my original render:


And how they look once I’ve shone a little light on the subject (yes, I’m all about poor use of puns tonight):

Close Up Tolix Final

And I’ve included this additional render of the (engraved concrete) reception desk because I kinda dig it:

Close Up Reception Desk Final


  1. blackc96 says:

    Very cool. Do you prefer Maxwell Render over Sketchup?


  2. anitadesignstudio says:

    Hmmm….interesting question! No, SketchUp and Maxwell Render both have their own individual benefits. SketchUp is great for concepts and illustrations. Whereas Maxwell Render is very effective at photo-realism. Hope that answers your question 😉


  3. Tracy Smith says:

    Hi Anita are you using the plugin version of Maxwell or have you invested in the student version of Render Suite?I am trying to get my head round it. Think your images look fantastic and I would like to be able to produce something similar.


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