A is for…

So, my cherished Abigail Ahern purchase arrived this week. Nowadays when I decide to treat myself I no longer opt for clothes, cosmetics or an expensive haircut. I opt for an interiors related piece. Sad? Yes. I’d much rather be surrounded by quirky and stylish accessories and have threadbare clothes, a pale and blotchy complexion and unruly hair. Well, actually I wouldn’t. I was just exaggerating to make a point.

I decided to buy a distressed metal sign bearing my initial. Everyone should celebrate their initial. Yes! I don’t think people celebrate their initial anywhere near as much as they should! And if I could hang this around my neck like a pendant and get away with it, I probably would too. But I don’t think I could. So I won’t.

Admittedly if you plonked this sign up against the door or threw it on top of a coffee table, or allowed it to hang on a wall on its lonesome, it would look pretty stupid.

Distressed Metal Sign - Abigail Ahern

What a beautifully distressed initial.

But if you group it with other lovely things, then it becomes part of a fabulously accessorised shrine. Yes, part of the ‘honour and obey the initial A’ shrine.  Or something.

A is for

See what I mean?  No, I did NOT take 34 photographs to get this ONE.  I. DID. NOT!

Go forth and celebrate your initial.


  1. rosanalinda says:

    I can make you an “A” to put around your neck if you like sterling silver 🙂 just leave the sign alone 🙂


  2. anitadesignstudio says:

    Hmmmm I like shiny but organic works for me too! That’s pretty cool. Do you have any examples? How much do you charge?


  3. rosanalinda says:

    I just uploaded some photos on vls forum 🙂 under general


  4. Dave says:

    Nice purchase Anita. I like it.


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