Designer In the Spotlight – A Victorian Overhaul

This ‘aspiring designer’ has taken her Victorian home and dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Maybe the property didn’t kick and scream at all; maybe it whooped and cheered at the thought of being overhauled because the results are astounding and a testament to the commitment, hard work, design skills and vision of its very talented owners.

Victorian Facade

Number 28 is the property in question. A modest Victorian facade that conceals a period interior that has successfully merged traditional with contemporary.

Before Pics

A few ‘before’ shots to tantalise the taste buds!! As you can see the interior was far from shabby before the renovation commenced. Whilst it was decorated in a muted and tasteful manner – the colour choices and furnishings were definitely very understated and ‘safe’.

Renovation Pics

Exposed brick, crumbling plaster, stripped floor boards and lots of dust: this can only mean one thing. RENO!!! Click on the image below to increase viewing pleasure. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Contemporary Colour Palette

The image below illustrates a space that is successful in acknowledging period detailing but also incorporates a contemporary twist.

There is nothing more refreshing than witnessing traditional and contemporary standing side-by-side.  There’s a simple reason for this: they compensate for what the other is lacking.  Contemporary colours and form rejuvenate and refresh the more traditional (and possibly more ‘serious’) aspects of the space; whereas the traditional elements assist in adding individuality, character and a sense of grounding to the more ‘frivolous’ contemporary aspects.

The original moulding and fireplace (I’m told that this property dates back to approx. 1891) are the true features in this room – there’s no doubt about that but my immediate reaction to the yellow-green backgrounds of the storage units? FABULOUS!!! What a great way to introduce colour!! The rustic flooring, tactile rug and comfy corner sofa all ensure that this space doesn’t get too big for its Victorian boots by being all aloof and full of self importance. You want to admire its period features but at the same time you wouldn’t have any problems curling up on the sofa with 50 Shades of a decent book.    

Living Room 1

This is my kind of bathroom: it’s spacious (beyond belief… bathroom envy anyone?), it has depth and richness due to the use of dark wood and the clever incorporation of Victorian inspired tiles is a subtle reminder of the property’s historical value.


I’d like to thank the designer of this breathtaking interior, Suzie Brown (and her husband!) for providing me with such fantastic images and for allowing me to publish them via my blog.

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