Collaborative Working – A Dream Come True

I can’t take credit for these designs (though I did have a little input), they were conceived by a professional interior designer that I’ve been fortunate to work with recently. However, I can take full credit for the creation of the 3D visuals. I’m particularly proud of these (even though my creative eye can see areas for improvement).

I’m forming a close bond with SketchUp and Maxwell Render; it’s the perfect ‘virtual’ ménage-à-trois. Though sometimes like in any relationship we bicker, curse, shout, and wish that we’d never met – actually that’s really just me when I’m having an off day where these CAD applications are concerned, when things are going in the right direction I could physically hug SketchUp and Maxwell Render.  Seriously.

My personal favourite is the third pic; the leaf silhouettes on the sheer curtains is fantastic. I absolutely love it.

Kitchen - Final Render 1

Kitchen - Final Render 2

Kitchen - Final Render 3

Then for the same project she designed a contemporary living room. I will not fully divulge the pain, misery and agony that I experienced when I attempted to create the lattice detailing.  But it was worth it – it looks great.

Snug Final Render 1

Snug Final Render 2

Snug - Final Render 3

These 3D visuals are for a different project (same designer) and whilst the styling of the lounge wouldn’t be my taste, I’m quite fond of the striped curtains and Art Deco inspired cabinets. I do however like all of the styling for the bedroom – very restful and calming with nice little elegant touches (I NEED and WANT that wall panelling).

 Lounge 1

Lounge 2

Lounge 3

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 3


  1. Lorraine Crilly says:

    Wow, what can I say, but fab, amazing and jealous that I can’t (too lazy) produce stuff like this…one day maybe!! xx


  2. Anita, these are AMAZING!! If I could only produce work half as good as this I’d be a happy girl!!


  3. Melissa says:

    So professional Anita. These visuals are fantastic!!


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