16 May 2013 – The Day I Bought a Tolix Chair

I’ve never really been a slave to fashion, and I’ve never really fought hard to own the ‘on trend’ stuff that we’re always being told we need and must have. But when it comes to interiors, I’m a little weaker. Especially from I started studying interior design.

From I commenced my studies I’ve salivated over high-end designer goods. I’ve trawled through countless websites/catalogues/magazines/exhibitions to better my understanding of ‘design’ and learn about iconic pieces (that I had previously never heard of) and their contribution to the world of design in general. And sometimes, initially, I’ve looked at certain pieces and their price-tags and wondered why on earth would anyone buy that?

As I’ve progressed from module to module; I ponder and research and investigate a little more and become so immersed in their form, design, history and what sets them apart, that I gradually start to acknowledge and appreciate their existence and overall (sometimes global) contribution.

Suddenly as my confidence grows, so too does my willingness to include them in my design concepts. They become either the statement piece that everything is built around, or the unassuming (iconic) piece that sits quietly confident in the background.

Reception Desk Final

Close Up Tolix Final

I have found myself (many times) staring lovingly at a particular piece of high-end designer furniture/wallpaper/accessories and decided that (usually) because of its price-tag that it was just too far out of my reach. Or at the very least found it difficult to justify paying such a hefty price.

Well, today I had enough!! I’m SICK of devising fabulous design schemes that include iconic pieces that I always think I’ll never own!!

If I’m flying the flag for interior design and enjoy creating design concepts that include these ‘out-of-reach’ pieces, and never actually own or have the ability to enjoy any of them, then what’s the point???!!!

I’ve been working like a crazy woman recently; between my full-time job, my studies and my freelancing work. Heck, I’d not only like to own one of the pieces that I include in my schemes (the same schemes that I slave over) but I DESERVE to own one of these pieces!

So what I’m trying to say is… I’m going to be the proud new owner of this amazing Tolix chair. I’m going to be able to look at it; touch it, gaze adoringly at it and know that I worked hard to possess it and enjoy possibly adding another one or two to my collection!!!!

Because I damn well deserve it!

P.S. Photos will follow in due course!


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