‘D’ Day Has Arrived

I keep checking to see that it’s still there. And every time I check it’s obviously still sitting in the same place where I left it. But I keep checking anyway; I’ve reduced my spot-check from half hourly to hourly now that the initial excitement has gradually subsided (and from I also had a quiet word with myself to stop behaving in such a weird manner).

In case you’re confused, I’m referring to the highly anticipated arrival of my Tolix ‘A chair’.  I took the day off work to take delivery of this precious cargo. Unbeknown to me; it had been sitting in the reception area of my apartment building from early morning; whilst I was pacing like an expectant father 16 floors up (for most of the day) waiting on a phone call to confirm its arrival.

The box it arrived in was basically the size of a small shed but I endured the highly unsophisticated and awkward display of trying to manoeuvre it into the lift and up to its new home.

I took a little photo diary of this momentous occasion!! Yes, this is highly suspicious behaviour worthy of clinical observation; but I don’t care. It’s Tolix!! TOLIX!!

Tolix 1

How ironic that this chair is of industrial design and is capable of absorbing whatever knocks and bumps that’s thrown in its direction – and there I was fussing over it with a dusting cloth.  Disgraceful.

Tolix 2

I have a few plans for this chair; that includes accessorising it with an exquisite cushion fashioned from a vintage French fabric (1960s).  I hope it looks as good in reality as it does in my mind.  We shall see.

Watch this space.

***UPDATE January 2015***

This is how my gorgeous Tolix looks today!

Tolix and Vintage Inspired Cushion


  1. […] of industrial design elements.  The joys of the Tolix chair had become a huge inspiration to me (I bought a genuine one, high five!), I had discovered  the genius of the naked bulb and I was frustrated that Northern […]


  2. […]  It reinforces the industrial vibe AND the accent colour of orange.  It’s the one and only Tolix. […]


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