They say that the biggest step to recovery when trying to overcome addiction of any sort is acknowledging that you have a problem.

I think I have a problem.

Actually, I know I do.

But my issue is that I don’t want to overcome this particular addiction.  I want to fully embrace it, enjoy it and continue to get pleasure from it.

It all started with a simple (slightly impulsive) purchase.  This darned purchase.  And I’ve never been the same since.

Letter A

And then I was minding my own business walking around my apartment one day and this magically appeared in my bookcase!!  Apparently lying and addiction go hand-in-hand.  Imagine lying about your addiction.  Seriously.

Letter A II

I thought I’d show you a pretty cool photo of my cherished Tolix chair.  An impressive angle, wouldn’t you agree?

Letter A III

Ok, ok I bought the rusted metal one (it was originally from a factory in Glasgow or something) and then I bought another one but in a much more posh shabby chic style.  But look at how proud it stands!  And it’s such a posh font!  I’m guessing Times New Roman but hey it doesn’t really matter.  Ach, who am I kidding…of course it matters.

Posh Letter A

We all have our little interior design weaknesses.  What’s yours?  Please drop me a line and let me know.  Even just to make me feel better about my new (slightly strange) addiction.

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