Tolix, Anglepoise and….IKEA?

These aren’t three words that you would usually place in the same sentence.  But in this instance my little revamp does indeed include a Tolix, Anglepoise and an IKEA bookcase.  Admittedly the bookcase has undergone a huge transformation but it’s IKEA nonetheless.

My design style has also taken an equally huge step forward.  Actually, technically it’s a step backward because of my newly found love of vintage.

How about a little recap?

This all started because I purchased a Tolix chair.  Warning: you may be required to re-do an entire section of a room to accommodate a new purchase.  But it was worth it.  And my Tolix is now much more comfortable in its new surroundings.

Industrial Bookcase - Annie Sloan

Then I added some gorgeous vintage/industrial letters.  Yes, letters.

Posh Letter A

And THEN because I decided that the top of my bookcase was ever so slightly lacking in the ‘wow’ factor…I added an awesome vintage Anglepoise 90 lamp.  I’ve never seen a lamp that has so much personality or character.  It oozes such a level of quirkiness, charm and personality that it makes you want to give it a name and perhaps its own seat on the sofa.

And sometimes you even feel guilty for ignoring it.

Either way, here’s the wee beauty right here.  How awesome is this lamp??!!  Seriously, if it had a cheek you’d tweak it.

Anglepoise 2

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you want to inject individuality and quirkiness into your space GO VINTAGE!!!

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