For The Modernist Lovers

I’ve previously alluded to my dislike of the Modernist era where architecture and interior design is concerned.  I think the main reason why I’m not a fan is because of its quite stark and bleak presence.  But I AM a fan of modern design.  I like crisp straight lines.  I appreciate industrial design elements and  I’m a fan of streamlined and no-fuss interiors but the extreme variations that were produced during the early Modernist ‘movement’ do not appeal to me.  Although, I can understand why the pioneers of Modernism experimented in such a fashion – it was all about expressionism and experimentation after all.  New materials and a new mind-set = new design.

And if it wasn’t for their ‘outside the box’ attitude; where they fought against tradition and historic influences we wouldn’t have the modern designs and architecture that we have today.

So, as a nod to the Modernist lovers I’ve uploaded the assignment that I was required to produce as part of my Degree studies.  Of all the work I submitted for this module; the Modernist report achieved the highest mark.  Go figure.

If there is anything that particularly inspires you about this period, please feel free to leave a comment!

Modernism 1

Modernism 2

Modernism 3

Modernism 4

Modernism 5

Modernism 6

Modernism 7

Modernism 8

Modernism 9

Modernism 10

Modernism 11

Modernism 12


  1. dominikawiecha says:

    great report Anita! no wonder you got top marks there!


    • anitadesignstudio says:

      Thanks Dominika. There were many tears and tantrums involved in its creation but I got there in the end! 😉


  2. Duane Kemp says:

    That was a fun read.

    Liked by 1 person

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