New Feature – Tutorials

I’m giddy beyond all belief.

I’ve discovered an amazing FREE screen capture application that allows you to video stuff from your very desktop.  Seriously, I’m like a kid at Christmas here.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear my dulcet tones (yes, I’m joking), then you’ve come to the right place!  I’m dipping my little pinkies into the world of online tutorials, starting with the ravishing, Google SketchUp.


I’m not sure if my teaching methods are up to scratch but I’ve watched enough online tutorials to know that they are a vital resource if you are self-teaching.  It can be daunting, challenging and extremely frustrating to attempt teaching yourself CAD software; I know this only too well.  So I hope that my tutorials ease you gently into the world of Google SketchUp without too many tears or tantrums.

That’s assuming you can decipher my thick Northern Irish accent.  Maybe I should include subtitles…hmmmm.

If there are any specific areas of this 3D modelling application that you’d like included, please let me know and I’ll do my best to provide a quick and painless tutorial.

The first tutorial is extremely basic – just a few pointers on how to construct a very simple house design.  Like, REALLY simple.  But you gotta start somewhere, right?

You’ll find my Google SketchUp tutorials at the top of my homepage, just hover your cursor over the word ‘tutorials’ and a cute little submenu will appear.  Or, for those of you who are too lazy, just click here.

I’m so geeked!


  1. flo says:

    I Love your blog!! Am going to your SU tutorial.It’s gotta be good if u write like u do in your blog!


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