Grand Designs Live 2014…And Me

There are some opportunities that you simply do not pass up.

When you receive an email from a fellow (past) student asking if you’d be interested in providing floor plans, elevations and 3D visuals for her interior room set that will be on display at Grand Designs Live 2014, you do not ignore this email.

You read this email again.  And again.  And then once more to make sure you aren’t the recipient of a nasty practical joke.

It wasn’t a joke.

As of today I’m officially (pending approval of all the necessary paper work) part of the Grand Designs Live 2014 posse.  This means that I’ll be marketed as a contributor and my work will be on display for all the eager visitors and networkers to admire.

This is good.

This is really good.

Grand Designs Live 2014

My new BFF.

This lifeline was thrown to me by Karen at KP Interiors.  I’ve never met this lady in person but from our frequent ping-pong email exchanges she’s clearly a genuine individual and dedicated Designer.  She also knows the true meaning and power of collaboration; she’s got my vote, like yesterday.  Check out her website to get a glimpse of her contemporary and utterly chic design style; which will be on display at Grand Designs Live 2014 in May.

You can also read a little more about the room sets feature here.

I’ve already decided to nip over to London for a few days to network, talk shop and take in the creative sights and sounds when this event takes place.  In my giddiness and utter excitement, I also said something to Karen about helping her arrange the room set – I’m secretly hoping she forgets about that part.

*Mental note, remember to talk incessantly about a weak spine when emailing Karen*

As part of the terms and conditions of the contract, I’m not permitted to disclose any of the 3D visuals that illustrate Karen’s designs.  Darn.

But I CAN after the show.  Hurrah!

I. Can’t. Wait.

I wonder would a blinking neon sign placed near my 3D visuals be a little too much…

Neon Sign Photoshop

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