Period Property Photoshop Overhaul

I came across some pretty awesome photographs uploaded by a fellow Designer and when I clapped eyes on them I couldn’t resist doing a little bit of tweaking to exaggerate their vintage and extremely characterful properties.

I saw this particular photo and was instantly attracted to it. I’ll tell you why, the glamorous chandelier and the distressed, grungy interior made a fantastic contrast. The glimpses of outside light also helped to make this a spectacular image, if a little haunting.

I loved it.

Period Property Original

But I wanted to make it much more cinematic by adding noise, upping the contrast settings, creating more depth and drawing the eye to the chandelier and surrounding area by adding a Gaussian blur.

This is the resulting image. Pretty dramatic, eh?

Period Property Edited

Next up was a very endearing image of a sink with old taps, overlooking a garden. In my eyes, this image was screaming only one thing: vintage.

Period Property Original 2

I set about playing around with the RGB levels, added noise and again a Gaussian blur to create an utterly vintage inspired, whimsical scene. This is without a doubt my favourite.

Period Property Edited 2

Then we had the curious, long hallway, high ceilings and doors intriguingly left ajar. Again, slightly haunting in presence but it was brimming with character and I really wanted to emphasise its atmospheric qualities.

Period Property Original 3

It didn’t need much in the way of editing, I just increased the saturation levels, added a few filters and sharpened the overall image to create more drama.

Period Property Edited 3

Oh, have I ever mentioned that I love Photoshop?!

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