SketchUp Models Vol I

This is a first for me, I don’t usually upload my SketchUp models to the 3D Warehouse because I’m ferociously protective of them. Yes, I do realise how ridiculous that sounds but hey, I am what I am!

Mine All Mine

If you’re familiar with the process of 3D modelling (wine, you need lots of wine), then you’ll understand why.

However, the SketchUp 3D Warehouse was an absolute lifesaver for me when I first embarked on my 3D Visualisation path of torment discovery. The ready-made models unquestionably eased me much more gently into the world of 3D modelling (and it continues to be an essential resource for my 3D modelling needs), until I gained enough knowledge, confidence and skill to start creating my own models.

So, I would like to officially declare my undying gratitude and appreciation to all of the lovely SketchUp-ers who have so generously uploaded their many accomplished and impressive 3D models to the 3D Warehouse. You rock!!

A huge thank you to the peeps at SketchUp for creating the 3D Warehouse; SketchUp, in my mind, continues to be the only CAD application that utilises such an intuitive, user-friendly approach to 3D modelling. A quick peek at my 3D Visualisation portfolio will tell you all you need to know about the fantastic results that can be achieved using SketchUp (and Maxwell Render).

Thank you

It’s time to give back.

Today I’ve uploaded various SketchUp models/components that I have constructed within the last year or so that have been used in the many 3D visuals I have created (some were created for specific commissions where an elevation drawing was only required).

Check out these little beauties! I have provided an image and individual links to the 3D Warehouse for each 3D model. I’ve also included 3D visuals, where appropriate. I hope they come in handy for any 3D modelling projects you may be undertaking.

Volume II of FREE SketchUp models HERE!!!

Traditional Stone Fireplace

Traditional Stone Fireplace

Oak Bookcase and Sideboard

Bookcase and Sideboard

Industrial Inspired Coffee Table

Coffee Table Industrial Inspired

Modern Sideboard

Modern Sideboard

Modern Kitchen and IKEA Bookcase (converted to TV Bench)

Modern Kitchen and IKEA Bookcase

Traditional Bookcase with Routered Detail

Traditional Bookcase

Wardrobe and Dresser

Bedroom Furniture

Art Deco Inspired Sideboard (see below for rendered illustration)

Art Deco Inspired Sideboard

Art Deco Inspired Sideboard II

Art Deco Inspired Sideboard II

Lattice Screen/Room Divider

Lattice Screen

Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art

Marks & Spencer Sideboard

Marks & Spencer Sideboard

Bathroom Vanity Unit and Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Furniture


  1. Melissa says:

    They all look great when rendered, makes such a difference to the component. Amazing software (Maxwell & SketchUp).


  2. Thanks, Anita, for giving back to the 3D Warehouse community. An enlightened discussion!


    • anitadesignstudio says:

      You’re welcome, John! Although, my feeble attempts at 3D modelling aren’t anywhere near as accomplished as some. But hey, every little helps, right? Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂


  3. Amanda Dodds-Hooson says:

    Excellent stuff….believe it or not, I am much happier working with SketchUp now and feel we are going to be lifelong friends 😉 x


  4. Hi Anita! Thank you so much for sharing these models. I downloaded the kitchen units to my PC. But I don’t know how to use them in Sketchup? 😦


    • anitadesignstudio says:

      Hi Lisa, you’re welcome! I’m going to upload more at some stage! Have you used SketchUp before?


  5. LAWAN DEAF says:

    Hi Anita infact I remain grateful for giving back your sketchup components to Sketchup community.I have been using sketchup about four years now, but don’t know how to render my sketchup projects with Vray or either Maxwell render, I usually render my projects with artlants studio instead. Pls can u give me some information about Maxwell render, most what I like to learn is Vray render. Thanks


  6. Im really getting hooked on your site! I discovered your blog yesterday through your basic sketchup tutorials and I loved it because your explanation was really thorough and clear. I’m a design student and teaching myself on the ropes of sketchup. Keep up the good work and more interior design 3d tutorials 🙂


  1. […] ago I decided to upload a few of my SketchUp 3D models to the fabulous 3D Warehouse (read about it here).  It was my way of saying a huge thank you to all of the wonderful SketchUp users who have […]


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