R is for Recognition

Alright, we all know that a selection of my 3D Visuals were on display at Grand Designs Live 2014 in London.  For those of you who didn’t (seriously, where have you been?), you can get yourself up to speed here.

And here’s my personal favourite from this collection:

Close up Edison Bulb Final - Anita Brown

I might have to get T-shirts, pillow cases and hoodies printed with this image, to include the caption ‘Neets did this, oh yes she did’.  Maybe not.  I’ll sleep on it.

But it gets better.

A LOT better.

You see the almighty Maxwell Render asked if they could publish my infamous ‘bulb’ 3D Visual on the online gallery of their website.

This is kinda a big deal for a (self titled) 3D Visualiser.  The work that is featured on the Maxwell Render online gallery is pretty top-notch.  It’s probably the ultimate accolade for a 3D Visualiser to have their work showcased by the software (company) they use.  In my early days of getting to grips with Maxwell Render I used to study the 3D Visuals published on this gallery with a mixture of awe, disgust, loathe and respect because whilst I revered this high standard of work, I never felt that I would ever reach this precision and quality.

Apparently I was wrong.

When you get an email from Maxwell Render asking if you’d like to have your work featured on their website, it’s a pretty special occasion.

For a 3D Visualiser, that is.

For millions of normal people around the globe it’s a ‘what’s all the fuss’ scenario.But 3D geeks aren’t normal people, you should have picked up on that about 200 blog posts ago.

I want to say that I was quite blasé about the whole thing, that I was indifferent to this request and that the day my 3D Visual was officially published on the Maxwell Render website my response was a bit like:


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

From the day I signed that permission slip, I checked the Maxwell Render website on the hour, every hour.  Even though the lovely peeps at Maxwell Render advised that I’d be informed of the official publication date beforehand.  Actually, because of Operation ‘keep checking the Maxwell Render website on the hour to see if my 3D Visual has been published yet’ I knew when the image had been uploaded before I got the notification email from Maxwell Render.

You don’t need to tell me how weird that is.  I know, ok!  I know!  But seriously, how awesome is this?!

Maxwell Render 3D Visual

Here’s the link to my 3D Visual on the Maxwell Render website just in case you want to have a closer look.


As you can probably guess, I was just as blasé and indifferent to this request as the previous one.


Say What

So, it was pretty straight forward.  Maxwell Render would send me a list of questions and I would be required to answer them as best I could.  I was later advised by one of the Maxwell Render team that they decided to include everything I’d written in my answers because I was so ‘nice and thorough’.  Shucks.

For those of you who may be interested, here’s the link to my ‘Making of’ for Maxwell Render (still can’t believe I’m typing that!).  For someone who is self-taught in the use of SketchUp and Maxwell Render, this exercise was an absolute honour, delight and pleasure to undertake.

Today is a good day!


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