The Seedy World of the 3D Visualiser

I remember a time when I used to browse the internet to keep up-to-date with gossip columns, peek at the latest fashion trends and honour my obsession with Ryan Gosling by undertaking some essential and very thorough research (stalking). I even put my Photoshop skills to good use by creating a fantasy world where Ryan took me to red carpet events…

Polaroid 1 - Ryan

And laid his protective hands on me to keep me safe…

Art Gallery - Ryan Gossling

But I’ve developed some dubious, questionable and downright filthy internet browsing habits of late.

I have a strong and unrelenting urge to search for clearly defined curves, lots of bumps and grainy images.

The grainier and dirtier the better.

I even have a dedicated folder on my laptop, that is bulging with all sorts of grainy, desaturated filth.

Welcome to the seedy world of the 3D Visualiser.

You see, whilst teaching myself 3D rendering I became aware of the importance of ‘bump maps’ when creating textures for inclusion in my 3D visuals. This was a hugely important discovery because realism is the name of the game in the 3D Visualisation field and textures play a pivotal role in the creation of a very convincing photo-real scene.

Bump Maps 3d Visualisation

And what’s even more thrilling (I’m sorry but I do find it thrilling… really, I do), is that the same bump map can be used to illustrate many different textured surfaces.

BUT you can also create your own bump maps, if need be. And that’s where dirt maps come in extremely handy. Yes, I said D.I.R.T.

Dirt maps provide a texture that is rustic. distressed, worn and brimming with character.

Trust me, I’m a 3D Visualiser.

In order to create a really effective, nasty and obscene dirt map, you need to use an image editing application.

Hello Photoshop.

Then you download a few lurid ‘dirt’ or ‘grunge’ Photoshop brushes (yes, they are actually referred to as ‘dirt’) and then set about creating your dirt map.


Dirt Map 3D Visualisation

My name is Anita and I’m addicted to dirt.  What’s your filthy addiction?

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