Colour Theory

As part of my Interior Design Diploma studies, I was required to examine and write a report on my understanding of colour theory.  I’ve uploaded this report for my followers/readers as a useful point of reference.

Colour Theory-1 copy

Colour Theory-2

Colour Theory-3

Colour Theory-4

Colour Theory-5

Colour Theory-6

Colour Theory-7

Colour Theory-8

Colour Theory-9

Colour Theory-10

Colour Theory-11

Colour Theory-12

Colour Theory-13

Colour Theory-14

Colour Theory-15

Colour Theory-16

Colour Theory-17

Colour Theory-18

Colour Theory-19

Colour Theory-20

Colour Theory-21

Colour Theory-22

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  1. […] Colour can also have a dramatic impact on the perceived spatial qualities of a space, generally speaking darker, richer hues will make a room appear less spacious and more intimate, while incorporating a neutral colour palette in a room will undoubtedly help to open up the space by creating a light and airy aesthetic.  If you’d like to read more on colour theory, click here. […]


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