They’re Brill And They Know It

I’ll never forget the first time I stumbled upon this video on YouTube. It was made by Journey For, a Belfast-based company, specialising in creative media/film. It showcased one of the interiors designed by Interior Design firm, Brill (who are also located in Belfast).

I probably watched this short film about 4 times in quick succession. The combination of slick, edgy video production, and the contemporary, industrial-inspired design of the space impressed me to the highest level.   

There were a few reasons as to why this video had such a huge impact on me. It was around this time that I had begun to appreciate the aesthetics of industrial design elements. The joys of the Tolix chair had become a huge inspiration to me (I bought a genuine one, high five!), I had discovered the genius of the naked bulb and I was frustrated that Northern Ireland seemed to be lagging behind (as per usual) when it came to cutting-edge design, in comparison to other major cities.

But this video changed that.  

I was utterly excited to learn that this style of contemporary, urban design was (slowly) being introduced to Northern Ireland by local Designers and I wanted to hug someone, ANYONE in celebration.   

I hadn’t seen a Tolix chair anywhere in Belfast until approx. 3 years ago, when I spotted them huddled in groups outside a city centre cafe. They were a welcoming kaleidoscope of day-glo colours: a striking contrast to the grey concrete beneath them. Without hesitation, I stepped closer to investigate further (they weren’t genuine but hey, even retailers have a budget). I wasn’t aware at that time, that Brill were the designers responsible for the design of this space.

It was only after I had conducted a few Google searches and had a nosy around Brill’s website that everything fell into place.  

After drooling at countless images of their designs and salivating at their inspiring quotes, I came to the conclusion that yes, Brill were in actual fact… brill. 

City Picinic Belfast Tolix

City Picnic, Belfast and the iconic Tolix

They’ve left their design imprint on a wide range of spaces, including retail, office and residential, with a portfolio that boasts many esteemed London commissions. I quickly came to the conclusion these dudes were big-players in the Interior Design field and I was proud, inspired and maybe a little jealous (only a wee bit) of their immense talent and skill.

Brill Interior Design Belfast

Brill at work

Their portfolio of work includes a wide spectrum of styles, from edgy industrial, to the height of luxury, where their signature style of punctuating a space with considered injections of colour is prevalent.  

Brill Interior Design Belfast

A’ Brill’ London Apartment

 Their spaces are commanding, they have presence and they entice.  

Chroma Brill Interior Design

Chroma Lighting, Belfast

If you’re just as inspired by the brilliance (see what I did there?) of this talented Interior Design team, I strongly recommend that you check out their website.


  1. Peg Kusnerpegkusnerdesign says:

    Anita, I agree with you entirely! Inspirational!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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