SketchUp Models Vol II

Yep! I’m doing another SketchUp Model Giveaway!


If you are a SketchUp user, you’ll probably be doing THIS right now

Quite a while ago I decided to upload a few of my SketchUp 3D models to the fabulous 3D Warehouse (read about it here).  It was my way of saying a huge thank you to all of the wonderful SketchUp users who have uploaded so many fantastic 3D models to this life-saving library (I still use the 3D Warehouse religiously).

So, I’ve had a little rummage in my ever expanding (and slightly out of control) SketchUp folder on my trusty laptop and have a few little gems for anyone out there who may be interested.

First up is a no-nonsense vintage coffee table in oak. I created this 3D model for a personal interior design project.

Click on the image to download. 

Mid Century Coffee Table

 And here it is in all its 3D rendered glory.

Homebase Urban Design Final 110215

Next, is a modern side table (you can see it in the image above too), that is very simple in design. What’s not to love?

Click on the image to download.

Modern Side Table

Then we have a very traditionally styled side table, that has geometric cut-out designs. Due to its organic design, it took a little more time to construct this one, but it was worth it.

Click on the image to download.

Traditional Round Side Table

Another coffee table!! Yes, I seem to have amassed a lot of tables! But if you know anything about interior design, you’ll be acutely aware of how important side/coffee tables are, for both practicality and aesthetics! This one is, without a doubt, my favourite.

It’s industrial in design and has been upcycled using old parquet flooring.  How awesome!  

Click on the image to download.

Upcycled Coffee Table

I’ve used the above coffee table in a few different design schemes, but my Autumn inspired project undoubtedly allowed it to shine!  

Final Autumn Scene WO Logo Edited 190115 

This Roman Numeral Wall Clock was used in a professional commission and whilst it was a little tricky to construct, I think it definitely makes a huge design statement.  

Click on the image to download.

Roman Numeral Wall Clock

And here it is in a final rendered image.

View to kitchen Final Edited

As a fan of industrial inspired design, I came across this awesome desk when browsing through the many images on Houzz. I incorporated it in an office design that I submitted for a competition (I was awarded second place… dang!).  

Click on the image to download.

Industrial Inspired Office Desk

Check out this cool desk, in a home office design.

Home Office Final 2

No wait! THIS is my favourite 3D model! It’s an upcycled sideboard/cabinet, using a metal sign and mismatched furniture. How wonderful is this?! It’s also been used in the image above. It’s the creation of Rupert Blanchard, who is THE king of upcycled furniture.

Click on the image to download. 

Upcycled Sideboard

I hope these 3D models are a welcome addition to your projects.  If you do incorporate them, I’d love to see your final designs! 

Click here for Vol I.

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