That Time I Exploded an Anglepoise

Yea, I did.

I so did.

I’m blaming it on my 4th mid-life crisis.

And maybe my creative frustrations.

And it was liberating.  

SO liberating.

Ok, allow me to clarify.  I did indeed explode an Anglepoise but it was virtually.  Are you crazy?!  I’d NEVER explode an Anglepoise in reality!  I consider ALL Anglepoises ever made to be part of my extended family.  I think I prefer the Anglepoise to actual PEOPLE.

And cushions.  I definitely prefer the company of cushions to people.  But that’s a given.  

LOOK at this cushion and tell me that you wouldn’t treat it to dinner and a movie!

Tolix and Vintage Inspired Cushion




Moving on!

When you’re as passionate and obsessed about your ‘craft’ as much as I am, you find yourself going to extreme lengths to try and encourage others to view it in a similar light.  Now, that doesn’t mean I walk the streets clutching my laptop, flashing…images of my work to innocent passersby. 

It means that when I have a moment of inspired greatness, I work tirelessly until I produce something that represents a quarter of what I love and respect about the amazing world of 3D Visualisation.  Or Visualization, depending on where you live.  

And that’s exactly what I did at the weekend.

This can only mean one thing: a new animation!

Pull up a comfy seat, put the TV on mute, grab some popcorn and get ready for 71 seconds of sheer awesomeness.  

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