Designer Spotlight – Artist Patrick Colhoun

When I come across homegrown talent (Designers from Northern Ireland), I like to spread the word and showcase their work on my blog.  I believe, as a Designer, that it’s very important to show support to fellow creatives.  Previously I’ve taken a little bit of time to discuss the great work of Abigail Ryan Homewares (read it here) and the amazing interior design team at Brill (check it out).

This time, I’m taking a little bit of a side step and focusing on the work of Belfast based Artist, Patrick Colhoun.  

As an artistic and creative person, I have an appreciation of the time, commitment, talent and motivation required to think of a concept and see it through to fruition.

No mean feat, especially for Artists.

From an interior design point of view, the inclusion of art is so important.  It can add depth, drama, creativity and an element of escapism to the design of a space.  It also provides an opportunity to personalize an interior, so that the space is as unique and individual as its owner.

Masculine with undertones of the feminine, human but referencing the animal.  It touches on the subjects of sexual  deviancy, containment and aggression. 

There’s no doubt that Patrick’s work has overtly masculine connotations, however with its urban and industrial aesthetic, combined with his use of form and material, he has created pieces that have presence, have an air of intrigue and beg the viewer to take a closer look.

Blemish Patrick Colhoun Art


One of my favourites, is ‘Bus Stop’, these pieces work fantastically in a group arrangement and their injections of colour do soften the overall look, they also help to give the pieces a slightly more commercial quality.

Patrick Colhoun Art

Bus Stop

With art being highly subjective, it is possible to appreciate Patrick’s pieces for their use of form, texture and colour in their own right.  This piece entitled, ‘Armadillo’ wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary, urban and industrial inspired space.  Actually, I think it would feel right at home.

Armadillo Patrick Colhoun


And this one, which captured my interest, not only because of its form but the mixed use of texture/glossy finish. 

Carcass Patrick Colhoun


It’s of no surprise that Patrick has received lots of media interest and has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally.  If you’re interested in Patrick’s work, I highly recommend that you check out his website.  

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