Mother’s Day Ultimate Gift Guide

If your Mum is a Design Diva, chances are she’ll appreciate a gift for Mother’s Day that is chic and uber trendy, that also has an exclusive designer edge.

So instead of running out to the local Garage to select a forlorn and sad looking bunch of flowers that basically says ‘I didn’t give your gift any thought whatsoever.  Love you!‘, how about giving her something that says, ‘you rock, so I chose something equally awesome, cos that’s how I roll’, or something to that effect.

To summarise. none of this: 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

And an OBSCENE amount of this:

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I’ve conducted a little bit of research to bring you my Mother’s Day Ultimate Gift Guide to suit a range of budgets.  Grab a napkin, cos you’re gonna be salivating at all the yummy and utterly fabulous gift ideas that I’ve thrown together!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ok, let’s delve a little deeper into this Aladdin’s Cave, shall we?!

1.  If it’s something decorative that you’re after, then Kelly Hoppen’s range of vases are sure to be a winner.  This grabbed my attention because of its neutral palette but its organic form adds a little bit of punch. 

2.  I’ve spoken about the awesome talent of Jessica Zoob in a previous blog and I tried, I really, really tried not to include her awesomeness in this post, but as you can see, I failed.  If you have a Mother who’s as dotty about cushions as I am, then she’ll whoop and cheer once she’s been handed a cushion of this design.  It has been printed with one of Jessica’s original works of art.  I mean seriously, what’s not to love?  PLUS, the concept of printing art on decorative accessories is huge right now.  HUGE.  Snap this up at Romo, Black Edition

3.  If your Madre has an obsession with art, all things vintage, likes to read AND adores cats, this is a winner!  This charming little cat has been printed onto the page of a vintage book.  It’s quirky, highly unique and I absolutely love it (not so much the cat but that’s because I’m not a cat person, sorry!).  It’s available (and other various designs) at Rockett St. George.

4.  Up next is a tea towel that has been beautifully hand illustrated by the talented husband/wife team at Abigail Ryan Homewares.  Clearly this tea towel will be allocated the ‘for display purposes only’ category; you would never actually USE this to mop up a tea related emergency, surely?!

5.  Good ‘ol faithful has made an appearance in the form of a scented candle from The White Company.  These aren’t just any old scented candles. They are the MOTHER (pardon the pun), of all scented candles.  I should know, I’ve got one.  And I’ve had it for a crazy number of years.  The perfume content in these bad boys is so concentrated that they scent a room without being lit.  And I’m not kidding!     

The White Company Candle

The book title isn’t some form of subliminal messaging. The candle, focus on the candle.

6.  This is a beaker.  A handcrafted ceramic beaker to be exact, available from The Fired Vessel.  I was very attracted to its vintage, rustic charm and its soft powder blue colouring is very soothing indeed.  If you are local to Belfast, pop into Maven – they are stockists of these charming little pieces. Actually, even if you aren’t local to Maven, make an effort to call into the studio anyway.  I’m dying to call in myself but haven’t had a chance yet. These Interior Designers know their sh*t.  Do it, you won’t regret it.

7.  Ok, ok you might be thinking that there’s an overlap with no. 5.  But these are tea light holders, not candles.  A world apart if you ask me.  These are the work of Buster + Punch, who excel at creating interiors pieces that are industrial and urban in design.  If your Mum is an advocate of contemporary, cutting edge design, these are sure to put a smile on her chops!

8.  I’ve already touched on the purchase of dodgy flowers, so how about faux flowers?  These are available from Abigail Ahern and whilst they’re pricey, these blooms are high quality and will last, um, forever.  It’s a no brainer really.

I hope you’ve been inspired by some of my selections and choose a gift as amazing and unique as your Mum for Mother’s Day! 

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