Artist Spotlight – Jessica Zoob

I’ve been threatening to write a blog post for quite a while to showcase the amazing work of talented Artist, Jessica Zoob.

And now that day has finally arrived!

There’s no doubt that when it comes to interior design, the inclusion of Art can be a game changer.  

Art provides an element of escapism

It injects an air of creativity

It helps to personalise a space

And it can also reinforce a specific colour palette, theme and atmospheric quality

I first became aware of Jessica Zoob’s INSANE talent when I conducted a little bit of research for an Autumn inspired design scheme and stumbled upon a cushion imprinted with one of her original works of art (a collaboration with Romo Black Edition).  I not only loved the idea of cushions illustrating pieces of art (which is a HUGE trend at present) but I was also instantly attracted to Jessica’s style, mainly because I’m a fan of abstract art.

Autumn Inspired Interior 240715

An Autumn inspired design that includes one of Jessica’s pieces of Art (on a cushion!)

Jessica has made an enormous impression on the world of art and design, with numerous collaborations, accolades and awards to her name…um, hello Elle Decoration, British Design Awards 2014?!  Yup, Jessica won ‘Best British Pattern‘.  

So, I thought it would be a good idea to further celebrate Jessica’s immense talent by rounding up 5 of my favourite pieces from her impressive portfolio of works (in no particular order).

Here goes.


Jessica Zoob Art - Reflected Glory

Reflected Glory

This original piece, created using mixed media with oil on board, appealed to me because of the contrast of minimal use of colour and then BOOM, the heavily saturated elements.  It actually looks as though someone has layered two images on Photoshop and then randomly erased sections of the top layer to reveal the striking depth of colour underneath.  But this wasn’t created in Photoshop.  It was created by hand, which is much more impressive!  The greeney, bluey, inky hue (very technical, eh?!) is my absolute favourite aspect of this piece.  The fact that there is a glorious mixture of colours in this piece of art, means it can complement a variety of different colour palettes within a room.  


Jessica Zoob Art - The One

The One

I like this limited edition print because of its supreme whimsical and soothing aesthetic, an effect that Jessica clearly excels at.  I have to admit, with its subtle injections of purple and berry hues, it reminds me of roses.  Perfect for a bedroom, no?


Jessica Zoob Art - My Place to Dream

My Place to Dream

This piece has been titled perfectly!  I consider this to be a classic example of Jessica’s ability to guide the viewer into a little bit of escapism.  And if you are trying to inject an element of creative expression into an interior, this piece of art will most certainly help to achieve this.


Jessica Zoob Art - Passion 4

Passion 4

This was the first piece of art by Jessica Zoob that I ever clapped eyes on (it’s also the print on the above cushion).  It’s much less soothing than the previous pieces I’ve listed but this illustrates that Jessica’s pieces are as wide ranging as her talent.  It’s a kaleidoscope of colours, a little bit manic and most certainly demands attention.


Jessica Zoob Art - Midnight Water 2

Midnight Water 2

Ok, I lied.  I do have a (new) favourite and it’s this one.  The depth of colour is amazing and its stark contrast to the vivid and bright colouring of the flowers (lilies?) visually lifts the entire piece.  I love it.  A lot!  Dark, inky hues are seriously on trend at the minute in the interior design field and incorporating a piece of art like this would certainly reinforce a contemporary, edgy and dramatic twist to any interior.

I hope you’ve been inspired by this feature on Jessica Zoob and are encouraged to consider the merits of including art in any design scheme.  I’m a huge fan of Jessica’s work and I’ll continue to follow her career with great interest, as she continues to flourish and captivate the design world.

And don’t forget to pop over to Jessica’s website to take a peek at all of her collections!  

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