Image Interiors & Living – My First Editorial!

It’s undoubtedly a huge confidence boost to have your work featured in a credible publication and if you provide a specific, niche service, the potential business opportunities are difficult to ignore.  So when I became aware that Image Interiors & Living magazine were featuring a special Northern Ireland section within their March/April issue, it was a no-brainer:Image Interiors & Living Magazine

I wanted to be included.

My 3D Visualisation service brings me into contact with Interior Designers aplenty, so this editorial would also benefit the many Interior Designers reading the magazine by learning more about my work and how it could benefit their design services too.

Plus, this magazine was uber chic and contemporary.  Bonus points!

I set about contacting the Editor and before I knew it, I was asked to forward a few examples of my 3D visuals and a narrative to explain my 3D Visualisation service.

I was able to bang out a few lines and click ‘send’ in the same amount of time it takes for me to switch the channel on my TV…

My new BFF (the Editor), who seemed a very lovely lady, informed me within a week or so that Anita Brown Design Studio would indeed be one of the creative industries featured in the Magazine.

Hurrah!  My first Editorial!

I want to say that I was extremely casual and reserved about the whole thing.  But I wasn’t.

On the morning the magazine hit the newsstands, I ran (I never run.  Ever) to my local newsagents.

It wasn’t there.

I was reliably informed that there was a delay in getting the magazines delivered to Northern Ireland and it would be available the following morning.


To cut a long story short, I got my grubby hands on said publication the next day and shoved it under the noses of my friends and family, whether they liked it or not.

Proud?  You’ve no idea!

3D Visualisation - Anita Brown Design Studio

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