You Know You’re a Bonafide 3D Visualiser When…

1. You develop a deep and profound relationship with your laptop, which by ‘normal’ standards is considered highly questionable and completely unhealthy.  This relationship can be extremely changeable, one day it can be full of love, respect and adoration

Hug a Laptop

Love you. Love you more…

…to one of loathing, disgust and utter contempt.  Yes, it’s completely normal for a 3D Visualiser to take a software glitch as a personal attack.  It isn’t JUST a minor hiccup, it’s the END OF THE WORLD.    

Computer Rage

How?? How could you do this to me??! HOW??

2. You spend £10 on a cushion that you’ll never be able to use…in the REAL world.  

3D Cushions

Dang! Those creases!

3. You resort to desperate intuitive measures to prevent screen glare from bringing your ENTIRE workflow to a grinding halt. 

Screen glare

4. You’re COSMICALLY excited at spotting a FREE top-notch texture!  But nobody understands your joy.  

Or cares, for that matter.


Look! It’s seamless!

5.  Working through the night until 6.00 am becomes the norm. 

Deadlines - Asleep at PC

6.  You feel like an absolute LEDGE when you’re FINALLY able to master those HDRI settings and your 3D Visual looks AWESOME!


7.  You (yet again), leave an important commission to the last minute and take to your keyboard, Ninja style.  Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Under pressure - Freelancing

8.  You’re starting to experience the onset of repetitive strain injury and have to humour inappropriate jibes from your friends on a monthly basis.  

Eye Roll

9.  You start referring to SketchUp and Maxwell Render as ‘buddies’ and even create a cartoon character that no one but you finds sweet, endearing and ever so slightly hilarious.

True story.


10.  No matter how unpredictable, soul destroying or stressful, 3D Visualisation is your passion and you love it.


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