3D Visualisation is the Future of Wedding Planning

And you heard it HERE first!

Yes, I’ve undertaken a few 3D visualisation commissions for Wedding Planners who would like to offer something a little different (and cutting edge) when it comes to conveying their vision for a client’s wedding reception.  

A presentation board depicting all of the styles, colours, floral, materials and themes for a client’s wedding is all well and good.  Using Pinterest to help organise your thoughts is also useful but these visual tools still don’t convey HOW a client’s ACTUAL reception will look on the day.

A collection of images ripped from a glossy Bridal magazine can give your client a general idea but it isn’t PERSONAL to his/her own unique wedding.

And this is where 3D Visualisation can completely transform the service a Wedding Planner can offer.

3D Visualisation can reassure anxious minds;

it reduces the margin of error;

prevents costly mistakes;

ensures that the Wedding Planner’s vision is interpreted exactly as intended, and

gives the Wedding Planner a competitive edge

Sounds too good to be true, right?


This is how it works.

The Wedding Planner provides me with an image of the interior of the venue, like this:


And sends images of the style of chairs, tables, floral, place settings, table decorations etc.

And then I produce this!

Wedding 3D Visualisation Photo Real

Photo-real Wedding 3D Visualisation  

As a Wedding Planner, you would be offering your client the optimum service available by including 3D Visualisation as part of your design package.

But weddings, by their very nature are romantic and whimsical, right?  So perhaps a watercolour illustration would be more appropriate?  You’d like snow in the background?

Not a problem!

Wedding 3D Visualisation Watercolour 300415

Wedding 3D Visualisation – Watercolour Illustration

To illustrate just how versatile 3D Visualisation is, here’s another example of a watercolour illustration.

Marquee Wedding 3D Visualisation Watercolour 210715

Marquee Wedding 3D Visualisation – Watercolour Illustration

  Be forward thinking. 

Embrace cutting edge technology.

3D Visualisation IS the future of Wedding Planning.

3D Visualisation Anita Brown

Above wedding design concepts by Isabel Smith Wedding Design.

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