I have a new website!

I made an announcement on my blog a few months ago, of my decision to leave my office job to start my own 3D Visualisation business.

I wasn’t lying.  I ACTUALLY did it.

This new entrepreneurial chapter of my life started on 1 December 2015 and if you’ve been keeping an eye on my website recently, you’ll have noticed two things:

1. My website has undergone a MASSIVE transformation! We’re talking Caitlyn Jenner style here.

2. I’ve been branded!

Yup, here’s my super duper logo in all its glory.

Logo - Blue and Copper-01

Pretty awesome, right?

But wait, it gets better.  I created a COSMIC rotating 3D cube for my contact page, that also makes use of my logo and my new tagline:


And the best part?  NO CSS!!

Check it out!

To celebrate the official launch of my new website, I’ve decided to provide the project file for this rotating cube to download FOR FREE! Yes, FREE!  Click here to read more about this ridiculously glorious, fist bumping offer.

Now, back to my new website.Fruit Pastilles

Redesigning it was a much more painful, soul searching and downright miserable experience than I initially thought.  But it had to be done.

I’m a startup, not a multi-million pound corporate giant, so keeping the costs down was my biggest priority and that meant outsourcing wasn’t an option.

My sister and I locked ourselves away for DAYS, fueled only by conviction, dedication and questionable amounts of Fruit Pastilles.

The pain and misery endured for many weeks after the new website format had been adopted, as a number of tweaks were required.  But hey, our relationship is intact (sort of) and I now have a pretty professional looking website to launch my new business.


Let’s take a tour, shall we?

My website is based on the parallax format, which means when you first enter it, you click on the white down arrow to scroll down one page to see more of the good stuff (unless you’d like to learn more about me or receive a free estimate – then you’d click on the relevant button).

I have very discreetly highlighted said down arrow, for your convenience.

Anita Brown 3D Visualisation Website

As you scroll down the page, you’ll encounter all sorts of yummy visual treats and loads of information on the range of 3D services that I offer to Creative professionals.

You can also access all of the same information by clicking on the menu symbol located at the top right hand corner of the website.

Cool, huh?

You are my guest, PLEASE feel free to have a good ol’ snoop!  I hope you enjoy the new website and I look forward to hearing feedback from my readers/followers old and new!

If you’d like to be kept in the loop via my newsletter, get your name down, pronto!  I’ll be keeping my readers up to date on new 3D commissions, top tips and my new entrepreneurial journey.  You know it makes sense!


Don’t forget to click here to find out how to download the project file of the rotating 3D cube FOR FREE!

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