And We’re Off!

My new 3D Visualisation business started with a bang when I was approached by the new owner of Tyn Dwr Hall  to create 3D Visuals for this new Wedding and Events venue.

This isn’t just any venue, it’s an 19 Century MANSION!  How excited was I?!

Tyn Dwr Hall

Image Credit: Tyn Dwr Hall

Whilst the exterior looked absolutely picture-perfect, the interior needed a little TLC, so major refurbishment was required.  My role was to create photo-real images of a number of the interiors, for use in the marketing of the property as a new Wedding venue.  I was required to liaise with both the owner and the appointed Interior Designer, to ensure that the vision for each space was accurately depicted.

What an awesome first commission for Anita Brown 3D Visualisation!

Without further ado, allow me to present the final five images, for your viewing pleasure!

The Bridal Suite

Bridal Suite 3D Visualisation

I gave this interior EVERYTHING I had where my 3D Visualisation skills are concerned.  It mightn’t look overly complex but the level of detail in this scene is immense!  I spent quite a while playing around with the bedding to make it look layered, sumptuous and inviting.  Trust me, it’s more fiddly than it looks!

The Lounge

Lounge 3D Visualisation

Another very classically styled interior (look at that fireplace!!), that pays homage to this period property.  Yes, I constructed the fireplace from scratch based on photos I was given – not for the fainthearted!  My favourite element of this 3D Visual (from a technical point of view) has to be the fabric on the sofas.  It took a little bit of tweaking but I’m delighted with how it accurately conveys the two different textures.

The Large Ceremony Room

Tyn Dwr Large Wedding Ceremony Room 3D Visualisation

Now we’re getting into the hardcore wedding element of the property!  There’s no doubt about it, this space has a very soft, whimsical atmospheric quality.  The paint colour used on the walls is perfection!  And the flowers?  Lush!  Simple but very elegant (let’s not get into how soul destroying it is to create a floral arrangement as a 3D model…one leaf here…one leaf there…).

The Small Ceremony Room

Small Ceremony Room 3D Visualisation

This ceremony room is such a stark contrast to the previous one!  But I love it just as much.  It is steeped in character and period charm and I’m sure it will be a firm favourite with prospective couples wanting something a little different.

The Garden Room

Tyn Dwr Wedding Reception 3D Visualisation

This is the new proposed extension to the property, where wedding breakfasts/receptions will be held.  It’s all about the view, right?!

So there you have it.  My first commission as Anita Brown 3D Visualisation!


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  1. ErikdR says:

    Hi Anita; long time no ‘see’. (I’ve been up to my ears in work…)

    So much to congratulate you on – so here goes: Congratulations on taking to the sky on your own wings. Congratulations with the new, revamped and super-cool website. And last but not least: congratulations on that epic first assignment. Great stuff!

    The ‘Garden Room’ image is my favorite, I think – probably because I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done there with the interior/exterior transition: the detail of the park-like surroundings outside makes the whole image come alive in a beautiful way – and makes me want to visit that place (which is what it’s all about, after all)

    As an architect, I couldn’t help noticing how HUGE those beams in the Garden Room look: This doesn’t detract from the quality of the render in any way, of course, but wouldn’t you agree that the room might have looked even more elegant if the underside of those beams had been at the same level as the transom in the large, central window? As it is, the beams strike me as feeling a bit ‘heavy overhead’. (But I suppose that if the structural engineers dictate a certain beam height, it’s best not to ignore their advice… :o)

    Anyway: fantastic start. As it’s past 5 p.m. on the northern hemisphere, I’m raising a glass of something good (and hoppish and frothy) to your continued success. Cheers!

    PS – funny thought just struck me: as a Dutchman I am, of course, ridiculously tall – and as a result, always banging my poor noggin against structure overhead. It’s quite possible that I am ‘genetically biased’ to notice stuff like that seemingly low-hanging beam, where more normally proportioned individuals wouldn’t give it a second thought… :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • anitabrown3d says:

      Hi Erik,

      Great to hear from you! Thank you for so many messages of congratulations! The website is getting close to completion – it has taken A LOT longer to finalise than I initially thought :/ But it’s important to get it right, eh?

      This was for sure, a great commission to work on. I can see why you like the Garden Room in particular. The outdoor space is certainly a feast for the eyes! I agree, the two white beams do look imposing – it was the first thing I noticed. But I’m not really in a position to enter into discussion about that with my clients! I’ve absolutely no technical understanding of structural requirements, so I kinda just went with it!

      You mentioned that you’ve been busy with work – any interesting projects?



  2. ErikdR says:

    Hi again Anita,

    A friend of mine often says that designing a website always, by definition, takes much longer than expected if you want to get it right – and yes: getting it right matters. A lot. But you’re certainly getting there, it seems.

    Re interesting projects… well; yes and no, I’d say. Remember the ‘house within a large greenhouse’-project? That fell through – but the same clients are now looking into the possibilities of making an extension (also very glass-y) to their existing home. That may well develop into something at some point.

    Also, I’ve started a very loose co-operation with another free-lance architect (network, network…). Looks promising, in that our skills seem to complement each other nicely so far.

    Otherwise, it’s been translating and proofing work (LOADS of it), which is my bread-and-butter business (and has been for more than 10 years now).

    Finally, There’s a modest but very nice little project in the pipeline, for an extension to a summer house near the west coast of Denmark. very preliminary – but will let you know if it turns into something.

    Have a great weekend!


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