3D Visualisation for Portfolio Enhancement

If you are new to the Interior Design, Wedding or Event Planning industry, chances are you don’t have an online portfolio that reflects your creative flair and the full range of your design skills.

Or maybe you have been working in one of the above industries for a few years and would like to refresh your portfolio, to include more contemporary designs.

Either way, 3D Visualisation can be used very effectively for your professional gain.

I’m very aware that Interior Designers, or Wedding Planners new to the industry, use styled shoots to demonstrate their abilities when it comes to putting a design scheme together.  For Wedding Planners this is a particularly time-consuming exercise, where they are required to consult with a venue, locate/hire/purchase the necessary props, undertake the necessary styling and then organise the services of a professional photographer.

3D Visualisation ELIMINATES all of this.

These visually captivating images can also be used on the main homepage of your website AND they can also be used in your blog content (where you can explain your design process to increase audience engagement) and for marketing/promotional activities, particularly on social media.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of seeing stock images being used on websites, especially when they are promoting a design service and I have to admit: it IS obvious when these have been used.  3D Visualisation will allow you to showcase designs that YOU have created.  Your website is an opportunity for you to sell your design services, your clients want to see YOUR original designs and creative talent.  Why on earth would a potential client want to look at stock images?!

Ultimately, 3D Visualisation can help you make a lasting impression with YOUR potential clients and assist in creating a strong online brand and presence.

It’s possible to create a studio set-up for Interior Designers that allows them to showcase their ability to pull together a cohesive design scheme:

Autumn Inspired Interior 240715

And for Wedding Planners, we can create a full wedding reception design in their chosen venue:

Final Render Hedsor Style 2

Or we can create a whimsical watercolour effect to add a dash of creativity:

Watercolour 3D Visual Hedsor House 240516

Design concept by Isabel Smith Wedding Design

We can also produce a dramatic close-up shot that provides all of those wonderful design details:

Spring Wedding Final

The only limitation is YOUR imagination!

Make 3D Visualisation work for you, as a Creative professional, for the ultimate benefit of your business.

Ready to show the world your amazing design talent?!
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