New Tiered System is a Winner!

It’s important for a business, especially a new business, to have a clear mission.

Our mission is to make 3D Visualisation accessible to a wide range of creative disciplines, and that’s because we know the value and benefits of the service we provide (and our clients have confirmed this!).  So we want to ensure that our process is as streamlined as possible for our target market (Interior Designers, Wedding Planners and Event Designers).

But wait, it gets BETTER!

Not only do we want to provide a no-nonsense, straightforward approach when providing our innovative 3D service but we also want to make sure that it’s affordable and meets our client’s needs.

Hellooooo, new tiered system and pricing structure!

Three Tier 3D Visualisation Final

You see, we already know that every project is different, with varying timescales, budgets and requirements.  So it kinda makes sense to deliver a 3D Visualisation service that is flexible, whilst ensuring that the benefits of 3D Visualisation can still be realised, right?!

Click here to read more about our tiered system and pricing structure.

And to illustrate how effective our new tiered system is, we’ve decided to share a recent commission, where the Designer opted for a conceptual 3D visual (Bronze tier).  The client (an Interior Designer), approached us to create a 3D visual of a design scheme, as her client was struggling to visualise the new designs.

After providing the Interior Designer with information on our flexible tiered options, she chose the Bronze tier as the design was for a pretty small space and she had to consider budget requirements.

After receiving all of the necessary information, we constructed the 3D model, applied the textures and created a sketched illustration of the proposed design scheme.

Boot Room Concept Sketch Final

The Interior Designer requested revisions to the above 3D visual, as the client wanted to view an alternative storage option, so we undertook the necessary revisions and presented the final conceptual image below.

Boot Room Concept Sketch - Revised 0407 copy

The Interior Designer’s client was much happier and signed off on the revised design.  Whilst the conceptual sketch wasn’t photo-real, it still provided the Interior Designer and her client with an accurate illustration of the basic design concept and met the budget requirements for this project. Feedback from the Interior Designer confirmed that the conceptual sketch was very effective at communicating her proposed design scheme for a small project of this nature.

Another satisfied customer!

If you would like to enhance YOUR design package, by using 3D Visualisation, contact us to discuss your project and receive a free estimate. 

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